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salon design & salon interiors

The journey you will take to build a successful hair salon and beauty interior calls for skill and experience.


Salon Design & Floor plans

When it comes to salon interiors, every square inch of space is vital and we make the most of it with an effective salon design layout for flow and functionality. We are very discerning when it comes to floor plan design because we know space is valuable and space equals revenue. We have salon design experience to strike the right balance of space allocation, comfort, effortless transitions and efficient utilization while integrating your specific goals and "wish list" for your salon interiors project. We will provide you with solid advice, salon design ideas and well-developed floor plan options that are effective. We promise...we will care for your real estate!

artistic communication

We have a talent for drawing. It is an ability we were born with, perfected over the years and now utilize every day in our career. We know that when it comes to creating salon interiors, communication is "key" and illustrations speak 1000 words. As it may be, we articulate many different languages in salon design to help our clients fully visualize their space. Illustrations are one of the most effective: hand drawn, computer-built, napkin sketch - pen, marker or crayon - whatever it takes to help you envision and see your space come to - before it is built. We can make it real for you!

salon lighting design & specification

Foot-candles, ballasts, temperature, color-rendering index, florescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, energy efficient, energy code, 3-pole switch...the lighting lingo goes on and on. We are experts in the technical aspect of salon interiors including lighting as it relates to the creative and functional elements of spa and salon design. We formulate recommendations that make sense, meet energy codes, save you money and deliver beautiful results. Our services include every aspect of lighting design and specification. As they say, lighting is everything and we tend to agree.

color analysis & consultation

We know that there is more to color than just selecting paint samples for salon interiors. Color - or absence of color - found in texture, shimmer, contrast, value and light can "make" a salon interior, especially in places of transformation, healing and rejuvenation. Our eyes are trained to see color in ways that most cannot so that every pallet, wall, ceiling and floor is thoughtful, fits your brand and connects your guests to your space. Found in a beautiful chair, a single piece of art or a luxurious drapery panel - every color matters. In a world that offers thousands of choices (citron, chartreuse, grey or gray) and where the term "pop of color" is over-used; we have color solutions.

retail & fixture planning

Skin care, beauty care, hair care, bath and body, fashion, make-up, professional, promotional is integral to your bottom line. So is SHOPPING, BROWSING AND BUYING. We tie these elements together to make up the successful retail environment with results that are attractive, interactive and most importantly effective. Our salon design team will afford you every opportunity for that "return on investment" by integrating brand strategy with strategic floor plan design, creative fixture planning, powerful signage, lighting, color and materials. The consumer has endless choices, we will give them one: YOU.

Our comprehensive professional salon interior design and strategic planning services include discovery, concept/theme creation, floor plan design, furniture & equipment selection, illustrations, lighting, color and material selection, construction plans and details, elevations, plumbing/electrical/data plans, framing, demolition, soundproofing details, door schedules, reflected ceiling plans, retail and fixture planning, custom furniture design, decor and more. From reception and lounge areas to boutiques and guest locker rooms, we create harmony and balance through salon design. Together we can help you accomplish your goals. Contact Us


What is yours? Purposeful? Imaginative? We have salon interior design experience to make your plans a reality with a visual presentation that is appealing, relevant and most importantly yours. With color, illustrations, images, examples and carefully orchestrated blue print, we develop and present the very foundation for your successful project. A well-developed theme is the schematic footprint for unique salon interiors. It is the prelude to your story and the necessary first step. Begin with us.

illustrations, 3d imaging & visualization

Our 3D Computer Imaging department offers precise, definitive and photo-realistic renderings that bring your salon interior to life with the most accurate images possible. With this technical service, we take your concepts and build them in computer format so that your can visualize and see your space. Our talented team of designers has over 10 years of experience in computer generated imagery and salon design experience and all of our work is created "in house" for clients across the US and abroad.

construction documents

Once the design concept is approved, we document the details in a comprehensive set of construction blueprint drawings for implementation. This may include but is not limited to framing plans, demolition plans, elevation and section drawings, plumbing details, electrical specifications, communication and data plans.

graphics & signage

Beautiful graphics and spot-on signage will engage and speak to your guests when it matters and where it matters. A statement, a symbol or just a word can communicate volumes and our creative team can help you do just that. From a unique logo and image to a powerful light box or video wall, we have the experience, technical skills and resources to integrate those special details that will take your space to the next level. Whether you want to draw attention to your retail, promote a new service or simply invite your guests to relax, our graphic design department can put the icing on your cake. Chocolate fudge and butter cream, anyone?! Endulge.

Salon furniture & equipment selection

We select and specify salon furniture, beauty equipment and salon decor to fit your brand budget and style. From custom-made options to ready to ship stock fixtures we have hundreds of options including make-up, styling chairs, styling stations, reception desks, retail displays, pedicure seating, lounge chairs, lighting, linens and spa tables.

Salon Interior Design Services

From start to finish, Michele Pelafas, Inc. handles every aspect of beauty and hair salon interior design. A lot of work goes into designing successful salon interiors, and our talented team works diligently to ensure that your vision comes to life.

From initial consultation to construction planning and plumbing and electrical plans, Michele Pelafas, Inc.'s salon design services are detailed and comprehensive. We work closely with our clients to achieve luxury salon designs that impress. In an industry that's all about beauty, shouldn't your salon or spa look picture-perfect? By hiring us, you can rest assured of exquisite results.